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Diabetes program

Group program for type 2 diabetes

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What's the aim of the diabetes program? 

The diabetes program will help you: 

  • Better understand diabetes and its consequences

  • Learn and implement self-management strategies  

  • Develop a routine of exercise 

What is included in the diabetes program? 

  • Initial assessment. This is done one on one with our exercise physiologist and takes approximately 45 minutes.  

  • 8x group sessions. The group sessions are approximately 60 minutes in duration. They include education and supervised group exercise.  

What topics are covered in the education? 


We cover a range of topics to help you better self-manage your diabetes. These include: 

  • Blood glucose monitoring 

  • Diet – what to eat and what to avoid 

  • Reading food labels 

  • Exercise tips 

  • Potential complications with diabetes 


What types of exercises do you do? 


The exercise program is specially designed by our exercise physiologist for people with diabetes. The program consists of both upper and lower body exercises. Your exercise physiologist will explain the program in more detail during the initial assessment, prior to commencing the group program. 


What if I can't do all the exercise? 

The exercise program is designed to be self-paced so you can take your time between exercises. However, if there's an exercise you can't do, your exercise physiologist can help modify it to suit your needs.  


What do I need to bring? 


All participants are encouraged to bring a water bottle, towel and a notepad.  

You will be provided with all the exercise equipment needed during the program, however you are welcome to bring your own.  

Am I eligible for the diabetes program? 

You may be eligible if: 

  • You have type 2 diabetes, AND 

  • You have a GP Management Plan (if you are not sure, ask your doctor) 


Please note: All patients require an initial assessment prior to commencing the program to determine eligibility. 

What does the diabetes program cost? 


The initial assessment is free.  

The group program costs $5 per class.

How can I register for the diabetes program? 


Congratulations on deciding to join the diabetes program!


Here are the next steps: 

Step 1 - Get a doctor's referral. You can find it here

Step 2 – Book an initial assessment. Call or book online.  

Step 3 – Join the next program (more information will be provided during the assessment). 

Ready to book your initial assessment?
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