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We offer exercise physiology online via video consultation

What is telehealth? 


Telehealth is the new way to connect with your exercise physiologist or other health professional online. We offer video consultations so you can see and speak to us much like Skype or FaceTime.  


What are benefits of telehealth? 

  • Use it from anywhere (home, work or even car) 

  • Pick a day and time which suits you 

  • No more commute to the clinic 

  • No more waiting rooms 

  • No more worrying about parking 


Is telehealth for me? 


Telehealth is ideal for people who are: 

  • Busy (working full-time, mothers)

  • House-bound (older people, can't drive)

  • Frequent travellers (Domestic and international travellers)

  • Carers (full-time carers)


Telehealth may not be suitable for people with: 

  • Serious medical condition (e.g. recent heart attack or stroke) 

  • Significantly impaired balance 

  • Recent and significant injury (e.g. joint swelling and stiffness) 


If you're not sure whether telehealth is right for you, please call us.  


What do I need for telehealth? 

  • A quiet environment with good lighting 

  • Laptop, phone or tablet 

  • Good internet connection 

  • Patience (desired)


Can I use my current referral for telehealth?

Yes! You can use your current medicare referral for a telehealth consultation. 

Please note a referral is only required for bulk-billed sessions. For clients paying privately or through another means (not medicare) you do not require a doctor's referral.


How does it work? 


1. Make a booking – either online or by phone 

2. You will receive an email within 24 hours  

3. Before your appointment, log in and wait for the call 

What to expect at your first telehealth consultation? 


A telehealth consultation is quite similar to a clinic consultation.  


Your exercise physiologist will ask you to introduce yourself as well as your primary issue/concern. 


They will then ask you a number of questions about your medical history and current physical activity as part of the assessment. They may also ask you to perform certain movements as part of the physical assessment.  


They will discuss your performance on those movements and suggest exercise and other tips you can implement following the consultation. You can watch them demonstrate each exercise and follow along. Your exercise physiologist will correct your technique or provide advice as required.  

Ready to book your telehealth consultation?
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