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What is hydrotherapy?  

'Hydrotherapy' simply means exercises performed in water. 

Water has a buoyancy effect. This means you feel lighter in the water and there is less pressure on your joints compared to when you are on land. If the water is warm, It also relieves some of the pain which means you can move more freely.  

Who is hydrotherapy for?  

Hydrotherapy is great for those suffering with painful joints (such as back pain or knee pain) or those who find it difficult to exercise on land (such as after a stroke). 

Can I do hydrotherapy if I can't swim?  

Yes! The exercises are usually performed standing in the water and swimming is not required. Also, our Accredited Exercise Physiologist will be by your side throughout the entire session and the pools are supervised by lifeguards. 

How much does hydrotherapy cost?  

We charge $60 for a standard individual hydrotherapy session and you may need to pay an entry fee to the facility.

If you would like to bring along a friend or two, it might work out cheaper for all of you! For more information and to discuss eligibility, please contact us.

Where do you offer hydrotherapy? 

We currently offer hydrotherapy in multiple locations across Western Sydney, including Parramatta area (Northmead), Blacktown area (Emerton) and Cumberland area (Lidcombe). Please see below for location details.






Coulter Swimming Northmead

201 Windsor Rd, Northmead NSW 2152


Charlie Lowles Leisure Centre Emerton

35 Jersey Rd, Emerton NSW 2770


Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre

Church St, Lidcombe NSW 2141

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