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Exercise physiology


Are you looking for an exercise physiologist near Parramatta?

Holistic Exercise Physiology clinic is located in Wentworthville.

Holistic Exercise Physiology clinic
What is an exercise physiologist?

An exercise physiologist is an allied health professional who understands and uses exercise as a means to help clients achieve their health goals. Exercise physiologists study the human body and its diseases as well as the mind and behaviour change principles.  

What can an exercise physiologist help me with?

An exercise physiologist can help you with a range of acute, sub-acute and chronic conditions. These include:

  • Arthritis and joint pain

  • Balance and falls prevention

  • Cancer management

  • Diabetes

  • Lifestyle change

  • Osteoporosis

  • Pain management

  • Poor posture

  • Pre and post-op

  • Sciatica and back pain

  • Shoulder pain and flexibility

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Walking and gait training

  • Weight loss

What to expect at your first exercise physiology consultation in the clinic?

Your first exercise physiology consultation will be conducted between you and your exercise physiologist. 

Your exercise physiologist will ask you to introduce yourself as well as your primary issue/concern. 


They will then ask you a number of questions about your medical history and current physical activity as part of the assessment. They may also ask you to perform certain movements as part of the physical assessment.  


They will discuss your performance on those movements and suggest exercise and other tips you can implement following the consultation. You can watch them demonstrate each exercise and follow along. Your exercise physiologist will correct your technique or provide advice as required.  

Do I need a doctor's referral to see an exercise physiologist?

No, you can see an exercise physiologist without a referral from your doctor.

However, bulk-billed consultations do require a doctor's referral. You can find it here.


What are your clinic locations? 

Holistic Exercise Physiology is located at 92 Darcy Rd, Wentworthville. 

What if I can't make it to the clinic?

If you can't make it to the clinic, we also offer telehealth and home visits

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